Can’t get it out of my mind!


For the past six years I’ve had that obsession, how could something so perfect, so beautiful come out of me? Cheesy, yes I know. Still everyday my son amazes me. Tonight I found him laying in the dog’s cage petting him. They both looked so peaceful, so happy. I couldn’t help but capture the moment.


Daily Prompt: On The Edge


My son Trystan finally lost the baby wheels on his bike this summer. It’s an interesting story actually.  Since last summer my husband and I d been trying to convince him to lose the baby wheels on his bike.We were telling him how much fun it would be while showing him all the bikes we would see go by. Nothing convinced him. Eventually we sort of just let ge of the whole thing.

On a bright sunny June afternoon we went for a bike ride. On the way back my son said to me: “Mommy, if you take off the small wheels on my bike I think I’ll be ok”

We got home, took off the wheels and… there he went; little birdie jumped off THE EDGE of the nest and flew for the first time. This was a priceless moment which I will remember for ever.

Later on that night as we were resting on the couch we heard a little sleepy voice: “Thank you sooooooo much daddy for teaching me to ride, it’s the most funnest thing in the whole world.” We turned around to respond but he was already asleep.

One Flesh

I love my husband so much. He’s handsome, smart funny, he can fix anything,  and takes care of chores I just can’t. Sometimes however I forget about it. Marriage is the greatest challenge of my life, well that and parenthood.

…7″FOR THIS REASON A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER, 8AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.” Matt.10:7-8

But really what does it mean being one flesh? Operating as one when we both have very different life experiences good and bad, different ways of seeing and unerstanding the world. With the different situations we face along our journey together we discover that our values are sometimes very different from each other. When  it comes comes to raising a child on top of that, wow what a challenge.  Some days I even think:”no wonder 50% of marriages fail”. How can we come to an agreement in every situation as one flesh?  I mean,  even me with my own self don’t always agree 😉

So how do two complete different souls and fleshes become one? I guess the answer is in the next verse: 9″What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.”…MA

tt 10:9

God is the answer. He has put us together, He’s the glue that, in the long run, will keep us united. If we look at Him in the hard moments we’ll know what to do despite our differences in opinion.

Still in real life it can be very frustrating and sometimes (in fact many times) it will take many many many many discussions before we can finally reach an agreement. SometimesI just feel like giving up, and than my dear husband will do something special. Like I said earlier my husband can do a lot of things that I can’t. For example this week he cleaned the dog’s ears. I know this may seem stupid but, to me this was such a romantic gesture. I WOULD NEVER clean the dog’s ears, it’s just too disgusting however my husband doesn’t HAVE to do it afterall it was I that wanted a dog.. when my husband does things like that for me I can see that we are one.  He does things that I can’t do, he knows things that I don’t and vice versa.

Even though we argue a lot and disagree on many things he’s my hero.. For example last winter on the biggest snow storm of the season, I’ll never forget about it. We were all snowed in. All the neighbors were outside with their shovels and snowblower not even capable of making a dent in the snow bank. Then he appeared through the storm with his tractor. He took care of our parking lot but also almost all of the neighbors’. My husband saved the day, he made a big detour on his work run and helped our neighbours. He’s the best when it’s time to save the day.

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

 Are mirrors truly reflecting what is? My puppy dog has a slightly crooked snout, result of abuse he suffered before he became a membrr of our family. The fact is that when you look at him this defect is almost  unapparent but if you look at him in a mirror…well… let’s say that his deformity  becomes very obvious. So who’s wrong? Me or the mirror. Do my eyes see something that the mirror can’t or does the mirror capture something that my eyes can’t. Or maybe both are wrong and right at the same time. I guess only God sees the whole picture, only through him can I get an accurate picture of what truly is. If I lookat myself on a picture or in the mirror I feel like I’m seeing me yet I also feel like I’m seeing a stranger. The way my mother sees me is very different then the way my husband sees me. Both are right and both are wrong. Both know me very well yet invery different ways. Each reflection holds part of the truth. God however knows everything about me, He knows how many hairs lay on my head, He knows everytying I have done and will do. He knows my heart and my thoughts. God holds the full picture of everything, the perfect reflection.


Matthew 10:30 B

ut the very hairs of your head are all numbered.