On a bright and sunny Wednesday afternoon…

This afternoon was so bright! You know when it’s so luminescent that the eye can hardly handle it! You know when it’s so  glimmery everything around starts looking unreal, fuzzy, out of focus! This afternoon was like that. One of those afternoons when the sun is so radiant  your eyes get thirsty.

Today was one of those days when your eyes seek the shade like it’s an oasis.

When the sun is this hardant I love going in the woods and see it shine through the leaves. I love the washed away colours and the vibrant contrasts created by the shadows.




Fast shutter speed photography

This morning I was reading on how to freeze a motion using fast shutter speeds. I looked at these amazing photographs made using this technique. I was very impressed by photos of water balloon exploding. On these images, you can barely see the balloon but the water still has the balloon shape. So I decided to try this technique using my son making soap bubbles. I didn’t get much with that. Than my boy wanted to take pictures of me making bubbles. The pictures aren’t great but the idea is there. I realize I will need better lighting and organization to pull this through. Afterwards we went and got ballons and ended up just doing a water balloon war. So much for my fast-shutter speed photo session.

DSC_0310 DSC_0294 DSC_0262 DSC_0212