Daily Prompt : Moved to Tears


I love this subject. It made me wonder; when is the last time I was moved to tears? In fact it wasn’t long ago. It was last Monday on my way back from a week-end at our country place. Spending time in the country has this special effect on me, it gives me peace. It seems that praying is easier and hearing God’s voice as well. So I’m sitting in the back seat of my car with my White German Shepherd puppy Bandit and my son Trystan. In the front passenger seat is my brother in law and my husband is driving. We are listening to a song called “The Thief” by Third Day Offerings. When I heard this part of the song tears started running down my cheeks:

“My time has come, I’m slowly fadingI deserve what I receiveJesus when You are in Your kingdom Could You please remember me and He looks at me still holding on the tears fall from His eyes He says I tell the truth. Today, you will live with Me in paradiseand I know that my time is coming soonand I know paradise is coming soon.”

If you don’t know, the song talks about Jesus being crucified between a murderer and a thief. The murderer is laughing at Jesus telling him that if really He is the son of God, He should down from the cross and save him. The thief on the other hand realising who Jesus is admits his guilt and asks Jesus if He will remember him when He’s in paradise with His Father.

I am impressed by the humility of the thief in this story and also by his courage.  To acknowledge Jesus like that while Jesus’s own friends had already fled. Wow. I wish I was so bold as to declare Jesus King of kings even when everything else seems against that very idea. That is bold. That is true love.

What really brings tears to my eyes here though is Jesus’s response. The theif is only asking Jesus to remember him him yet even though he deserves his punishment Jesus grants him the greatest honour: Luke 23, 43 Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”



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