Daily Prompt: On The Edge



My son Trystan finally lost the baby wheels on his bike this summer. It’s an interesting story actually.  Since last summer my husband and I d been trying to convince him to lose the baby wheels on his bike.We were telling him how much fun it would be while showing him all the bikes we would see go by. Nothing convinced him. Eventually we sort of just let ge of the whole thing.

On a bright sunny June afternoon we went for a bike ride. On the way back my son said to me: “Mommy, if you take off the small wheels on my bike I think I’ll be ok”

We got home, took off the wheels and… there he went; little birdie jumped off THE EDGE of the nest and flew for the first time. This was a priceless moment which I will remember for ever.

Later on that night as we were resting on the couch we heard a little sleepy voice: “Thank you sooooooo much daddy for teaching me to ride, it’s the most funnest thing in the whole world.” We turned around to respond but he was already asleep.


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